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Aerospace Meets High Technology

LinkedIn is a great place to store your professional portfolio.  I have an account on LinkedIn that contains all the facts and dates of my employment; please go browse by profile.

Sometimes I get asked “how did you get into drones?”.   The path, for me, has been like a dog-leg in the fairway of a par 5 hole.  Off the tee, I obtained a Diploma in Aviation Manufacturing from Confederation College, and worked in Aerospace at Boeing and Goodrich (now UTC).  My lay-up to the green was in a different direction.  A friend of mine invited me to apply for a position at Christie Digital, which was my first exposure to the world outside Aerostructures.  My chip-shot was a stint at L-3 in a division that makes gyro-stabilized gimbals for airborne applications.  Think cameras on Police helicopters; it is the intersection of high-tech and Aerospace.  Now, I have leveraged the experience I gained at each stroke into Payloads and Program Management at Aeryon Labs (now owned by FLIR) – an industry leader in small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.   And yes, the bearded dude in camo is me, flying a drone in 41 degree Celsius Texas heat for a video shoot.  You can see the whole video here