White Family Woodturning

The White family has been woodturners for 4 generations now.  It started with my Grandfather Stanley, and his brother Dennis.  My Great Uncle Dennis, whom I have never met, has since passed away; however, his video instructions can be found on youtube.  Check out this instructional video:  Turning between centres

My Granddad first taught me the basics of woodturning at such a young age.  Although those lessons did not really stick at the time, I can remember the wisdom and try to apply the techniques I can remember from watching him turn.

My Dad did not take up woodturning as hobby quite like his father did, yet my Dad is still skilled and can easily make good piles of wood chips!  I remember when I started to take turning more seriously, it was my Dad who got me started with the first refresher lessons on how to chuck work and hold the tools.  A very special shout-out needs to go to my wife who bought me my first lathe as a much needed kick to get moving. 

I have an evil twin brother who has installed my Grandfather’s lathe into his workshop and managed to turn out a project every now and then.  It is good to see our Grandfather’s lathe still in action, after all these years.

Today, I turn for fun making a self-sustaining hobby; I do projects for friends, family, and by word-of-mouth references.  I am passing on the tradition with my daughter, Lauren, who makes small projects from time-to-time and is a huge helper in the shop.

Need some wood working done?  Perhaps you need a space, tools, and some knowhow to make your own project?  Shoot me an email, we can discuss how I can help you.